Reasons Why Women Hate Their Body Figure

Have you every though about how you look? A majority of females actually, hate their body. This includes children, teenagers, and adults as well as older. Thus in this article you will come of know about the reasons why women have body image issues and negative thoughts about their body.

A majority of females are worried about their overall look, and some are even obsessed about it. What is stunning, however, is that almost all females actually dislike their body. This happens to even the slimmest and the most wonderful women. Either the thighs or legs are too big, the chests are too small, the skin is too dark, or there are just too many stretch-marks from the last pregnancy. The recent survey found that 90% of the women get depressed with their appearance, and 85% of women hate their shape of their body. Surprising, isn’t it? Thus here we look at some of the possible causes that can cause these body image issues in the women.

Reasons Why Young Girls and Teenagers Hate Their Body? Our unattainable cultural beauty ideals impact not just adults women, but also youngsters and teenagers as well. However this is actually true behind it. A research found that girls, age of three to six years were concerned about being fat. Frightening reviews have also found that girls as younger as five have gone on diet plans to become thin! But here the question is how do we understand to hate our body so early? How is the concept of flaw passed on?

1.Social Standards of Beauty Have you ever seen a little girl surrounded by adults who say incredibly ‘sweet things’ to her such as “Your outfit is so pretty” or “You look just like mommy today”. These compliments may be well-meaning, but think about the effect that these terms have on a younger mind. While it may be second nature for us to deal with a little girl by her looks, for a kid being fairly and wonderful is now associated as being socially tolerable. Human babies learn to identify themselves when they are nearly two years of age. Very soon, with everyone informing them what is pretty and what is not, they understand to hate what they see. Instead of listening to niceties about how good she looks, if the kid is taunted or teased for her overall look, especially if she is too fat or slim, then the emotions of body to hate grows quicker. Moreover, children who have parents and father with adverse body issues are likely to have it as well.

2. Physical development while Growing Up The pain of increasing up, associated with physical changes during puberty, is probably the one thing that plays a role in females hating their body so much. Just because the breasts develop, and women start having menstruation periods, they are given a lot of guidance, all of which are targeted at ‘protecting their body’ and ‘not getting pregnant’. Instead of learning to love their body as it changes, they are trained to cover up their body under layers of outfits, as though it is something to be embarrassed of. Compare this with a pubescent boy who roams around shirtless, happy with his increasing shoulder area and growing muscle. From being a free bird, a woman instantly finds herself caged in her own skin. No wonder she learns to dislike her whole body so much.

3. Media Messages There are times when you wish that you could walk just a distance without being bombarded by media messages on the perfect women body. They are just about everywhere. From billboards and advertisements to journal includes, television, movies, and even cartoon characters, the scantily dressed women body seems to bother women all the time. All of them, models, superstars, and other popular numbers, are all sickly slim (almost anorexic), with radiant beautiful skin without any signs of blemishes, stress, or aging.

Reasons Why Adult Women Hate Their Body? As children and teenagers we as adults may hate our body. It is seen that lots of adult females become victim to the all-pervading body tyranny? A negative body image in adults leads to distorted perceptions about the actual shape of the parts of one’s body. The woman is ashamed, self-conscious, and awkward because of her body.

1. Bodily Excellence =To A Perfect Life Every women fault herself for everything. Even after handling (often very successfully) house-work, kids, jobs, and a whole lot of other actions, they still manage responsible themselves for anything bad that happens to them. There are so many ladies who actually believe that men leave them just because they have started aging and flabbier.

2. The Common ‘Body Hating’ Club Hating your body, criticizing it, and finding faults have become so easy that females now do it all the time. Be it with coworkers, friends, or on online social networking, females love to criticize their body. After hearing it continuously, females somehow train their minds to hate their body.

How To Stop Hating Your Body Nobody requires hating their body. Your human is made to be loved and valued. To do this, you need to quit all those negative and thoughts about your body that come to your thoughts. Make a firm decision to treat your body with respect. Provide it with food, rest, and lots of work out. Most significantly, stop throwing insults at it. Give yourself a break from magazines and other media which propound the ideal body image. Instead, take up some fun activity or work out that will not only keep your thoughts away from negativity, but also keep you satisfied. Study about other people’s encounters of disliking their body, and change your goal from trying to look perfect to staying satisfied.

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